Rapid Wiredtree Dedicated Server Coupon Solution

I began making use of WiredTree Hosting's services the previous week. The shift was so much smoother than the uptime at our ex - host A2 Hosting that I believe nobody even knew that it was carried out. Not knowing what or how the relocation of our website to the new web server was going to end up, I was apprehensive of it and deferred the relocation for months.

My anxieties were unfounded, however, because of the exceptional guidance and aid of WiredTree's crew.

For over a year, I was hosted at A2 Hosting. Throughout that time, we discovered the quality of their support unacceptable with very inferior downtime and customer care. What made us continue with them in spite of this was that they were inexpensive and also because of our nervousness relating to the transition. A2 Hosting's unrestricted (more on that later) plans are dirt cheap. Our month-to-month payment didn't even come up to $10.

And where the transition was involved, despite my being computer-savvy, the thought of the relocation from one web server to another made me very stressed. We were also moving from shared hosting to a virtual private server which made it more daunting for me. Since I know nothing about hosting administration, it looked like a high-risk and time-consuming venture. I've got a full-time law practice to manage, and no time to deal with with hosting administration.

We would not have minded continuing with A2 Hosting with all its lacks because of it being so economical and because of the worry of the relocation. A2 Hosting told us that the plan we purchased was an unlimited one but they lately told us that we were using too many resources on that package. I still can't comprehend what A2 Hosting meant when they stated we were using too much informationwhen their package was an unlimited one. What finally helped us to decide on the move was when they gave us a week's notice to do it.

Somebody introduced me to WiredTree and that's what we chose.

There is no question on why they are turning out to be among the fastest growing enterprises in the United States. I can't recommend WiredTree enough if you are in need of a VPS or a dedicated server. I have no remorse utilizing WiredTree's services in the two years that I have been with them.

The price is five times what A2 Hosting offered but once we used WiredTree's services, we could experience the big difference. I was convinced by WiredTrees remarkable security and assistance that we'd made the right move.. At A2, my support tickets would take hours to obtain an answer. At WiredTree, I acquired a result in minutes. After I placed an order, I even got a call from WiredTree to make sure it. (Real, living individuals answering phones!)

With the skilled direction of one of WiredTree's support staff, the shift was really effortless and almost hassle-free starting from copying our old host before moving it and our website address to the latest host. All in all, it had taken less than an hour of my time. Even if you are a technophobe, I am confident that WiredTree could get you transferred-or just ready to go in the first place-promptly. I won't be surprised that nobody discovered that we'd transferred bearing in mind how easily it proceeded. We have no misgivings with our selection of our new web server, WiredTree.



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